Chant Engineering has supplied high quality components to the Military since the founding of the company. We design and manufacture new parts, as well as reverse engineer obsolete or very expensive sole source items. In this world of tight budgets, where "every penny counts", rely on Chant Engineering's expertise for your new or old part. We have a proven track record of getting the job done right and on budget.

Cargo Rails

P/N 9263 ECRS V-22

The Chant Engineering Extended Cargo Rail System (ECRS) is used on aircraft where it is not possible to load the plane via conventional methods. The ECRS mounts to the rear cargo-loading ramp of the aircraft. The ECRS permits smooth movement of palletized cargo into and out of the aircraft. The ECRS consists of four components: a left and right hand mounting block and 19 foot long left and right hand cargo rails.


  • Side rails move up and down
  • Cargo rails attach easily to mounting blocks (no adjustments required)
  • Indications for width of rails clearly marked on 1" increments, 40" to 55"
  • Mounting blocks easily stow in cargo rails with minimal protrusions
  • Crowned aluminum rollers with bearings for easy cargo movement
  • 2 spanning bars for increased stability
  • Support leg for horizontal loading, with spanning bar
  • Easy operation of joining cargo rails for stowing
  • Clear labels for all user functions

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