Chant Engineering has supplied high quality components to the Military since the founding of the company. We design and manufacture new parts, as well as reverse engineer obsolete or very expensive sole source items. In this world of tight budgets, where "every penny counts", rely on Chant Engineering's expertise for your new or old part. We have a proven track record of getting the job done right and on budget.

Deployable Hydraulic Lift (DeHL)

The Chant Engineering Model 963401 Deployable Hydraulic Lift (DeHL) is an unloading device designed to work with the Military Halvorsen 25K Loader. The DeHL will move from a height of approximately 40" to a lowered height of approximately 16.5" (top of rollers to ground). It is designed to handle 25,000 pounds maximum payload on pallets. The pallets transfer the load to the passive roller groupings on top of the tables. The maximum single pallet payload is 10,530 pounds and the maximum single axle payload is 15,000 pounds. The DeHL weighs approximately 8,700 pounds.

The DeHL can accommodate up to (3) HCU-6/E pallets in 108" or 88" bias, in single or married train configuration. The DeHL can be stored on a single aircraft pallet for transport. There is a self-contained diesel generator for powering the unit and a manual pump and release valve for emergency lift if the generator's fuel tank becomes empty. The DeHL can be assembled for use or disassembled for transport in less then 1 hour by 2 people and no tools other than a small hammer and a forklift. There are (2) ramp platforms that allow rolling stock to move from the top of the DeHL to ground level.

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