Chant Engineering has supplied high quality components to the Military since the founding of the company. We design and manufacture new parts, as well as reverse engineer obsolete or very expensive sole source items. In this world of tight budgets, where "every penny counts", rely on Chant Engineering's expertise for your new or old part. We have a proven track record of getting the job done right and on budget.

Solid DIN 3091 Thimbles

DIN 3091

Chant Engineering is the authorized North American distributor for Friedrich Hoeppe thimbles. We carry in stock the solid DIN 3091 Thimbles painted black to minimize rust. These high quality thimbles have been made by Friedrich Hoeppe in Germany for over 100 years.

The thimbles according to DIN 3091 are cast from GGG 40, not machined from a solid piece of steel. Custom hole sizing is available upon request.

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