Reeling Machines

Chant Engineering, a world leader in testing equipment for the Wire Rope Industry now offers a line of Reeling Machines that are available in standard models based on weight, reel size capacities, reel widths and height.

Chant Engineering's lines of Reeling Machines include: Gantry Style, Re-Reevers, Take-Up and Pay-Out Machines, and High Speed Coiling Machines.

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Gantry Style


Take-Up and Pay-Out Machines

High Speed Coiling Machines

SD4 - Coiling Machines

Chant Engineering's design and engineering staff can custom build any model for additional height and/or reel width requirements, or for any custom applications.

Available Options & Accessories

With available accessories from pendant and duel controls, turntables, meter stands, collapsible coiling heads along with customization and oversize options, Chant Engineering provides the solution for any wire rope reeling requirements.

Reeling Machine - Turntables

Turntables are made with steel plates with hardened ball bearings providing long-life plate wear & easy movement. Maximum weight capacity for all sizes is 10,000 lbs. Turntables are available in sizes:
1/2" Thickness at 36" Diameter
1/2" Thickness at 48" Diameter
3/4" Thickness at 60" Diameter
3/4" Thickness at 72" Diameter
1" Thickness at 72" Diameter

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