DataTEST™ Software

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Chant Engineering DataTEST™ software is a user friendly, Windows based sophisticated data-logging program for testing machines.

The software offers unrivaled ease of use, a simple graphical-user interface, and several customizable features including:

  • Touch Screen Controls
    • used strictly for controls or can interface with DataTEST™ software
    • retrofitted on your existing or installed in conjunction with new machines
  • Real-time data acquisition
    • graphs load vs. time, elongation vs. time, and load vs. elongation depending on customer needs
    • automatically counts cycles and hold times for cycle testing
  • A sophisticated customer database
    • can pull up previous product and customer information for repetitive testing
    • saves history of previous certificates created by DataTEST™
    • networking capabilities allow for multiple DataTESTs to access the same database
  • Multi-leg sling testing capabilities
    • several modes of operation (pre-stretch, proof, and cycle)
  • Output data available in several formats
    • PDF, CSV, XML (for FIELDiD/N4 upload), among others

Chant DataTEST™ software will improve productivity, is easy to learn, and automates several time-consuming steps necessary for generating certificates. For the best testing machine software in the business, make sure you go with Chant's DataTEST™ software package!