Wire Rope Fittings: Dies

Ferrules, sleeves and sockets require individual press dies depending on material and dimension. TALURIT manufactures standard & special dies to cater all possible swaging demands. Dies are fabricated in different block sizes to fit our various swagers. The smallest swager use block size A and the largest swager use L. The dies are mounted in the die holder of the swager.

Smaller block sizes than standard can be fitted to the swager by using insert die holders. These compensate the gap between the smaller dies’ size & original one.

Our dies are manufactured from high quality steel for optimum strength and service life. In addition to our comprehensive standard range we are also able to supply special dies to customer specification.

For additional specifications, sizes and application, please click on the document link below.

Technical Link: Dies Data Sheet.pdf


Besides the universal type Conical Press Dies, TALURIT manufactures dies with special locator pins, Cylindrical Press Dies, Dies for several stage processes, combined dies and dies for STC Sleeves, Steel Ferrules, Terminals and more

Die Holders

All die holders are bolted onto the swagers. The placement, (square or angular), type of locking & if they are made for centric or eccentric load varies with the different swagers and swaging procedures. Die Holder options include Angular Setting (This is the most common setting for medium sized swagers); Options for Locking of Dies based on size / type of swager

To protect the swager from abnormal wear, a die holder with pillar guides is recommended.

Insert Die Holders

An Insert Die Holder allows for smaller dies to be used.