Test Bed Options: Low Load Cylinder and Load Cell Assembly

Chant Engineering is always striving to provide the best state of the art testing equipment possible. As such we offer options to make your testing easier, more accurate and more complete.

Chant Engineering pioneered the low load hydraulic cylinder and load cell assembly for greater testing control and accuracy at low loads. On hydraulic systems that are designed for the maximum pulling force of a machine, it is always difficult to control the large main pulling cylinder down at the very low pulling loads. Also, below 10% of the electronic load cell range the accuracy and repeatability are difficult to achieve. The solution to this is the Chant Engineering low load cylinder load cell assembly. Mounted alongside the main cylinder, the low load assembly allows the operator to test specimens at the low ranges, faster and more accurately. We recommend this option for every Chant Prooftest Machine.

Chant Engineering’s testing equipment meets or exceeds all AWRF safe practices and guidelines.