Test Cells and Testing Facilities

C-17-C130 Airdrop Roller Load Test Machine and Facility Upgrade US Army Abrams M1-A1 AGT 1500 Tank Engine Test Cell Helicopter Blade Whirltower Test Stand
Chant Engineeringhas years of experience building and upgrading complete turn key test cells and testing facilities for Military maintenance depots and industrial customers.

Our dedicated team of Professional Engineers and skilled project managers can design, engineer and plan complete testing facilities, including but no limited to: buildings, foundations, support structures, material handling, hydraulics, electrics, fire suppression, testing machinery, calibration and computer data acquisition systems.

Chant Engineering will handle every aspect of the job from planning to permits, all the way through final acceptance testing. We provide detailed project documentation and milestones. We take care of every aspect of the required job, freeing up your personnel so they can do their jobs. It benefits you the customer with having to deal with only one experienced vendor for all the work. Chant Engineering is the proven leader in complete testing solutions. And you the customer can have complete confidence, from the day we sign the contract, until the day we hand you the keys.

Chant Engineering takes pride in the fact that since 1970 we have never been late on a testing facilities contract.