Helicopter Blade Whirltower Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 9269 Helicopter Blade Whirltower Test Stand is used to test production rebuilt helicopter blades in a Military maintenance depot environment. The Whirltower spins the two remanufactured blades and one master blade.

The remanufactured blades are adjusted to match the specifications of the master blade. The Chant Helicopter Blade Whirltower Test Stand has the latest operator control system, written in-house by Chant Engineers. The Whirltower also features the newest blade tracking system and mechanical base plate and pitch mechanism.

The new software system is a National Instruments Inc. LabView based program with full data acquisition for all the required testing parameters. Chant Engineering was the prime contractor in charge of every aspect of the job. Chant manufactured the components, wrote the programs, integrated the system, installed, and trained and acceptance tested everything on site at USMC Cherry Point, NC.

As with all our large turn key projects, Chant provided preliminary and final design reviews, project management documentation, site prep documentation, acceptance testing plan, training plan, calibration plan, maintenance plan and training, etc.