Test Stands: F-15 Speed Calibration

The Chant Engineering Model 854301 Speed Calibration Test Stand is designed and manufactured by Chant Engineering's to verify the F-15 secondary power system governors and switches that are being dynamically calibrated.

In use, the operator mounts the switch to the mounting flange, selects the proper operating speed for the preset selector panel and starts the test.The switch is accelerated at a certain speed for a pre-programmed amount of time then decelerated at a specific rate and time. This procedure is cycled for the predetermined time frame per the Governments technical order.

During this test the switch is supposed to actuate within certain speed ranges. Pass-fail is displayed on the digital readout for each test. This test stand will test the F-15 two-speed switch assembly for the jet fuel starter, the Governor switch for the central gearbox and the Governor switch for the F-100 AMAD gearbox.