Test Stands: Servo Valve

The Chant Engineering Model 934201 Servo Valve Test Stands are used to test 3 and 4 way electro-hydraulic servo and proportional valves. Chant Servo Valve Test Stands allow the operator to test in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes. This gives you the flexibility to test your components in the configuration that best suits your testing requirements.

Chant Engineering's Servo Valve Test Stands are complete systems with hydraulic power supply, operator console/test sink, computer and data acquisition software. If you have a facility wide hydraulic system, the console/test sink and computer system can be purchased separately.

Chant Model 934201 Servo Valve Test Stand:
Test Parameters

  • Pressure gain
  • Proof pressure
  • External leakage
  • No-load flow plot
  • Linearity
  • Symmetry
  • Hysteresis
  • Overlap
  • Internal leakage
  • Null leakage
  • Null pressures
  • Null shift with supply pressure variation
  • Null shift with return pressure variation
  • Null shift with temperature variation
  • Null bias
  • Flow gain
  • Null balancing
  • Dynamic frequency response
  • Supply and return pressure drifting
  • Threshold characteristics
Dimensions: 117" L x 47" H x 48" W
Weight: 1200 lb
Electrical: 115 VAC, one 10-amp circuit
Pressure: Max External supply pressure, 5,000 psi
Flow: 5-gpm or more
Servo valves: Can test three way and four way valves
Fluid: Oil or Skydrol