Wire Rope Fittings

Chant Engineering along with key partners TALURIT and Friedrich Hoeppe, are providing total solutions within the Wire Rope Industry. As the stocking North American Distributor for both TALURIT and Friedrich Hoeppe, Chant Engineering offers Dies, Ferrules, T-LOC Kits, Tal-X Flemish Eye Sleeves and Thimbles. Review the information below and click “More” for further details, including PDF Data Sheets with complete technical and sizing notes for each product.


Ferrules, sleeves and sockets require individual press dies depending on material and dimension. TALURIT Manufactures standard & special dies to cater all possible swaging demands. Dies are fabricated in different block sizes to fit our various swagers. The smallest swager use block size A and the largest swager use L. The dies are mounted in the die holder of the swager.

Smaller block sizes than standard can be fitted to the swager by using insert die holders. These compensate the gap between the smaller dies’ size & original one.

Our dies are manufactured from high quality steel for optimum strength and service life. In addition to our comprehensive standard range we are also able to supply special dies to customer specification. ... More


TALURIT's ferrule selection is based on: the rope grade, the diameter of the wire rope, the fill factor or metallic cross-sectional area factor, the wire rope core i.e. fibre core (FC) or steel core (IWRC=independent wire rope core).

Ferrules in different materials have been developed for a variety of needs and applications. Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Copper, and Stainless Steel are most common.

All of TALURIT's ferrules are produced seamless for added safety. All ferrules from size 8 and upwards are fully traceable (ISO 9001) and marked with size, type and manufacturing batch number. ... More

Tal-X Flemish Eye Sleeves

To assure the highest quality product, all TALURIT TAL-X Flemish Eye Sleeves are designed with corrosion protection and are made in accordance with the standards and processes adopted by TALURIT AB.

TAL-X sleeves are black oxidized and available from 1/4” to 6”. TALURIT Flemish Eye Sleeves are marked with: TAL-X, the sleeve size, and a code for trace-ability.

Carbon steel ferrules are typically used when corrosion, higher temperature and special wear and tear environments are demanded. They are also used in cold environments. ... More

T-Loc Kits

T-LOC is a reinforced aluminum termination. T-LOC prevents the splitting force of a high tensile wire rope of grade 2160. T-LOC is swaged together with the aluminum ferrule.

T-LOC is designed for rotation resistant wire rope of grade 2160 together with T ferrules especially in combination with solid thimble eyes. The system is tested with rotation resistant wire ropes in class 35(W) x 7 and has been validated according to EN 13411-3.

The tested constructions are 34(W) x K7 and 39(W) x K7-WSC, fill factor: 0,74-0,75.

... More


Chant Engineering is the authorized North American distributor for Friedrich Hoeppe thimbles. These high quality thimbles have been made by Friedrich Hoeppe in Germany for over 100 years. Thimbles are produced under 3 specifications:

DIN3090: Galvanized Thimbles, sizes 4 & 6 are electro galvanized; Sizes 8 to 80 are hot dipped galvanized

Standard 3091 Thimbles are carried in stock, painted black to minimize rust. The DIN 3091 thimbles are cast from GGG 40, not machined from a solid piece of steel. Custom hole sizing is available upon request.

DIN3091 Thimbles are Self Colored: Sizes 8-14 & 44 are DIN 3091 issue 11-1976; Sizes 16-80 are DIN 3091 issue 12-1988. ... More