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Below you will find a complete list of current product catalogs and brochures for Chant Engineering and its affiliated partners, DLM and Talurit. Additional literature will be added as it is developed, so check back soon.

2017 Chant Product Catalog (COMING SOON!)

2017 Chant Engineering Product Brochure

Chant Product Categories:
DataTEST™ Sofware
Government & Military Products
Hydrostatic Test Systems and Bunkers
Reeling Machines
Proof Testing Machines / Test Beds
Testing Machinery
Test Stands
Test Beds Upgrades & Options
Touch Screen Controls
Wire Rope & Rigging
Wire Rope Grips

View our online product brochures and catalogs

Chant Engineering Reeling Machine Brochure

Reeling Machine Categories:
Gantry Style Reeling Machines
Take-Up/Pay-Out Reeling Machines
High-Speed Coiling Machines
SD4 Coiling Machine

2017 Talurit™ Product Catalog

Chant is the exclusive North American Distributor of Talurit products.

Talurit Product Categories:
Swaging Dies
Annealing Machines
Cutting Machines
Flemish Eye Sleeves

2017 Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) Product Catalog

Chant is the North American Distributor for Dynamic Load Monitoring UK (DLM). We offer all DLM products, such as:

DLM Product Categories:
Load Cells
Load Shear Pins
Load Links
Load Monitoring Equipment

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