Civil Works Equipment

Let Chant Design, Engineer and Manufacture The Hydraulic or Electrical Control System For Your Next Project

Chant Engineering has extensive experience in the area of civil works. We have designed hydraulic and electrical controls of dams, lock gates, and spillways. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) in Huntington, WV selected Chant Engineering hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic controls systems for the Marmet and London locks on the busy Kanawha River in West Virginia.

They also specified Chant Engineering Flap Gate Controllers for the same locations.The Pittsburgh USACOE selected Chant Engineering’s self-contained hydraulic actuators for 18 miter gate applications in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Chant Engineering’s self-contained Hydraulic Actuators are a simple, proven system that uses the same principals of conventional hydraulic systems, in a one-component, compact system.

Chant Engineering was selected to design and manufacture a dam gate regulator system to control the water flow between the United States and Mexico on the Rio Grande River. This project was for the International Water and Boundary Commission.

Chant Engineering can design, engineer and manufacture the hydraulic or electrical control system you need for your project.

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