Hydrostatic Test Bunkers

High-Pressure Fully Enclosed Test Bunkers

Chant manufactures high-pressure hydrostatic test bunkers constructed with heavy-duty 1 inch steel plate. Each test bunker is a fully contained unit for operator safety.

Standard Features:• Heavy-duty 1 inch steel plate
• Fully contained test bunker for operator safety
• Chant software for control and DAQ
• Touch screen control
• Precision pressure transducers
• Energy efficient LED lighting
• 15,000 psi (or higher)
• Door interlocks
• Heavy-duty hinges
• Heavy-duty deadbolts
• Emergency operator egress

Hydrostatic Test Bunker

Optional Features:
• Additional frame sections
• Ventilation
• Additional pumping units
• Pressure transducer calibration available
• On-site installation assistance & start-up / training

High-Pressure Test Bunker
High-Pressure Test Bunker
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