Hydrostatic Test Systems and Bunkers

High-Pressure Hydrostatic Test Bunkers

Chant Engineering Co. Inc. manufactures both standard and completely customized high-pressure hydrostatic test bunkers, test chambers and testing systems using heavy-duty steel plate. These turnkey, bunker-style hydrostatic pressure testing systems are typically used to test pumps, iron pipe, and valves used for pipeline in the oil and gas industries.

Our hydrostatic testing units are fully contained for operator safety and include touch screen controls, camera systems, auto bleed systems, and real-time test monitoring. Chant’s proprietary DataTEST™ software is used for control and data acquisition.

Since 1970, Chant has been a leader in complex testing machinery. Chant’s test equipment is used in the military, aerospace, lifting & rigging, and oil and gas industries all around the world.

Features and Options can include:
• Heavy-duty steel plate construction
• Fully-contained test bunker for operator safety
• Chant custom software for control and data acquisition
• Touch screen operator controls
• Precision pressure transducers
• Energy efficient LED lighting and 360◦ cameras
• 15,000 psi (or higher)
• Safety Door interlocks
• Bi-fold doors for minimal footprint (optional)
• Heavy-duty hinges and deadbolts
• Heavy-duty pull-out trays for easy loading (optional)
• Operator egress• Fast auto fill and bleed system
• Additional frame sections
• Ventilation
• No gaps larger than 1/4”
• Dual chambers for fast through-put
• Can be designed to test four sections of iron at one
time, daisy chained together (optional)
• Additional pumping units (optional)• Pressure transducer calibration available
• On-site installation assistance, start-up, and training

Large Hydrostatic Test Bunker

Optional Features:
• Additional frame sections
• Ventilation
• Additional pumping units
• Pressure transducer calibration available
• On-site installation assistance & start-up / training

Hydrostatic Test Bunker Flyer

Large Hydrostatic Test Bunkers

High-Pressure Test Bunker

Medium Hydrostatic Test Bunkers

Hydrostatic Test Bunker

Small Hydrostatic Test Bunkers

Small Hydrostatic Test Bunker

Complete Hydrostatic Test Stand System

Chant Engineering has combined our vertical (Model 9727-A) and horizontal  (Model 9727-B) hydrostatic test stands into one complete, turnkey hydrostatic test stand system for production based testing.

Complete Hydrostatic Test Stand System
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