Chant Engineering has supplied high quality components to the Military since the founding of the company. We design and manufacture new parts, as well as reverse engineer obsolete or very expensive sole source items. In this world of tight budgets, where “every penny counts”, rely on Chant Engineering’s expertise for your new or old part. We have a proven track record of getting the job done right and on budget.

Military Components

Bradley Fighting Vehicle Hydraulic Pump – NSN 4320-01-432-6208

NSN 4320-01-432-6208 – Bradley Fighting Vehicle Hydraulic Pump

The Chant Engineering P/N 12395352 Pump Hydraulic is an emergency engine hatch hand pump used on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. View Item
Cargo Rails

Bradley Fighting Vehicle Hydraulic Pump

Nitrogen Servicing Units - P/N 1317AS100-2, NSN 3655-01-517-3908

Designed for U.S. Navy Aircraft and Helicopter programs, the Chant Nitrogen Servicing Unit P/N 1317AS100-2, NSN 3655-01-517-3908 supplies nitrogen to test, service and pressurize aircraft components and systems during maintenance.

It consists of a welded framed mounted on a two-wheel axle and is equipped with a retractable swivel wheel and boost pump. Compressed gas cylinders are mounted on the frame in two groups of three cylinders. A hose and tool box is attached between the two groups of cylinders. The control panel assembly contains a purifier, filter, regulator, valves, gauges and plumbing. A drawbar coupler ring on the front of the frame allows the Nitrogen Servicing Unit to be towed by Ground Support Equipment and a hand operated brake system sets the servicing unit during operation and storage.

We can quickly mass produce this item in bulk.

Nitrogen Servicing Unit

V-22 Cargo Rails – P/N 9263 ECRS V-22

The Chant Engineering P/N 9263 ECRS V-22 Extended Cargo Rail System (ECRS) is used on aircraft where it is not possible to load the plane via conventional methods.

Cargo Rails

Capstan Pulley Assembly - NSN 6610-01-219-3168

P/N 10138A152-301 / Chant P/N 8421-01

Chant Engineering can manufacture the Capstan Pulley Assembly NSN 6610 01-219-3168 or one designed to meet your specifications.

Deployable Hydraulic Lift (DeHL)

Deployable Hydraulic Lift (DeHL) The Chant Engineering Model 963401 Deployable Hydraulic Lift (DeHL) is an unloading device designed to work with the Military Halvorsen 25K Loader.

Deployable Hydraulic Lift (DeHL)

F15 Test Station - NSN 4940-01-375-4572

Chant Engineering is a preferred vendor for the F-15 Test Station NSN 4940-01-375-4572

Filter and Regulator Panel – NSN 4240-01-029-7148

Chant Engineering is a preferred vendor for the Filter and Regulator Panel NSN-4240-01-29-7148 / Chant P/N D7974

NSN 4240-01-029-7148 Filter-Regulator Panel

Test Equipment, Helicopter - NSN 4920-01-328-8013

Chant Engineering is a preferred vendor for Helicopter Test Equipment NSN 4920-01-328-8013 / Chant P/N 7-262100008-613

Hydraulic Fluid Oil Transfer System (OTS) - NSN 4910-01-623-3192

The Chant Engineering Model 10199 Hydraulic Fluid Oil Transfer System (OTS)  NSN-4910-01-623-3192 is designed to fill and drain (pressurize and depressurize) the hydraulic recoil mechanism on the Army’s M777A1 and A2 Howitzer weapons.

We can quickly mass produce this item in bulk.

Model: MS-S-00015 - Oil Transfer System (OTS) for M777 and M198 155MM Towed Howitzer (Fill & Bleed Unit)

Hydraulic Fluid Services Unit - NSN 4920-01-579-6399

The Chant Engineering Model 9824 Hydraulic Fluid Servicing Unit is designed to pump filtered hydraulic fluid into aircraft or for any other suitable purpose.

Hydraulic Fluid Servicing Unit

Hydraulic Pumping Unit - NSN-4320-01-141-8237

The Chant 13221E6735 Hydraulic Pumping Unit NSN 4320-01-141-8237 is a transfer pump used to transfer and filter hydraulic oil from drums into the M109 Howitzer.

Hydraulic Pumping Unit

Test Stand, Hydraulic - NSN 4920-00-553-2847

Chant Engineering is a preferred vendor for the Hydraulic Test Stand – NSN 4920-00-553-2847

M1A1 Engine Retaining Band - NSN 5340-01-383-2052

The Chant Engineering P/N 3-500-770-09 Band, Retaining NSN 5340-01-383-2052 is used on the engine of the US Military’s M1A1 Main Battle Tank.

V-22 Snatch Block Pulley - NSN 1680-01-566-5137

The Chant Engineering V-22 Snatch Block Pulley NSN 1680-01-566-5137 / P/N 901-320-546-101 is a field proven design, easy to use by the warfighter.

Snatch Block Pully

V-22 Engine Rinse Wand

The Chant V-22 Engine Rinse Wand is used to fresh water rinse the V-22 engines during shipboard/salt air use.

V-22 Engine Rinse Wand
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