Flushing Valves

Make Sure Your Hydraulic System Is Operating Properly Using a Flushing Valve

The Chant Engineering SF25 Flushing Valve can be installed in place of the servovalve to test and troubleshoot the hydraulic system. Manual operation of the valve immediately shows if the system is operating properly. The ServoFlush is interchangeable with Moog, Vickers, Atchley, Dowty, Pegasus and other servovalves.

SF25 Manual Flushing Valve

Manual Flushing Valves are a great tool for flushing and troubleshooting your hydraulic system.

Fits directly in place of standard servovalves; Moog 62, 73, 76; Vickers SM4-20 & 30; Atchley; Dowty; and others
• Flushes pressure to return to mid-position
• Operates actuator when handle is moved off center
• Flush and test hydraulic system before installing servovalve
• Use it for manual backup
• High pressure rating – 3000 psi (200 bar)
• Proof tested to 4500 psi (300 bar)
• Viton seals standard
• Adapters available for other valve mounting patterns

Valve Sub-plates and Adapters

Valve Sub-plates and Adapters The Chant Engineering manufactures a variety of valve sub-plates and adapters for adapting our SF25 Flushing Valve to different servo valve port patterns.

To view SF24 Manual Flushing Valve Instructions .pdf, CLICK HERE.

Flushing Valve
Valve Sub-plate
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