Test Bed Upgrades and Options

Upgrade Your Existing Test Beds to Meet Today’s Standards.

Did you know Chant Engineering offers Upgrades and Refurbishments for your existing machines?

Test Bed Upgrades

We Can Fix, Upgrade or Retrofit Any Machinery to Perform the Task-At-Hand.

Sometimes your machines need a face-lift, a complete overhaul or some additional functionality. We can help you upgrade your old test beds to meet today’s ASTM-E4 accuracy testing standards. Typically, old machines are reading hydraulic pressure and converting this to pounds of force. We can also add new functionality for a fraction of the cost it would be to build a brand new machine.

This method cannot take into account the internal friction of the hydraulic cylinder seals and thus can be extremely inaccurate.If your machine is in good working order, Chant Engineering can provide a complete load cell, digital indicator, and software package to bring your machine up to date.

We can upgrade your whole machine or just supply you with new components that you can install yourself. Replacement hydraulic systems, cylinders, load cells and digital meters, and software are all available.

Chant Engineering will also take your old machine as a trade-in, thus reducing your out of pocket expense. We offer long-term calibration programs that include free or low cost Prooftest machine upgrades.

Test Bed Upgrade

Test Bed Options

Chant Engineering is always striving to provide the best state of the art testing equipment possible. As such we offer options to make your testing easier, more accurate and more complete. Our three most popular options are listed here.

We can also manufacture any custom option that you need for your specific testing machine operation.

Cycling Control

Cycling Control

Chant Engineering makes fully automatic Prooftest machines that will cycle test a specimen. After loading in the test specimen, the operator can select the maximum and the minimum loading forces and the number of test cycles.

The operator also has options to select loading cycles and then go to break test. The machine will automatically run the test until the cycles are complete. All Chant Engineering Automatic Prooftest Machines have built in safeties so that if during a long-term test, the specimen were to break, the machine will automatically shutdown. Complete data acquisition is ongoing for the duration of the test.

Elongation Measurement

Elongation Measurement

Chant Engineering manufactures elongation measurement systems for our testing machines. These systems are used to measure the stretch of the specimens during a test. Mounted on the machine behind steel plates for protection, the Chant Elongation Measurement System uses a precision extensometer to measure the position of the hydraulic cylinder rod.

In use the operator will load in the test specimen and then take it up to a reference load to remove any sag in the specimen. Once the test is begun the computer displays two graphs: One load vs time and one load vs elongation. The exact position is measured from the start point of the test to the test completion. All elongation testing information is displayed, stored and searchable.

Low Load Cylinder and Load Cell Assembly

Low Load Cylinder and Load Cell Assembly

Chant Engineering is always striving to provide the best state of the art testing equipment possible. As such we offer options to make your testing easier, more accurate and more complete.

Chant Engineering pioneered the low load hydraulic cylinder and load cell assembly for greater testing control and accuracy at low loads. On hydraulic systems that are designed for the maximum pulling force of a machine, it is always difficult to control the large main pulling cylinder down at the very low pulling loads. Also, below 10% of the electronic load cell range the accuracy and repeatability are difficult to achieve. The solution to this is the Chant Engineering low load cylinder load cell assembly. Mounted alongside the main cylinder, the low load assembly allows the operator to test specimens at the low ranges, faster and more accurately. We recommend this option for every Chant Prooftest Machine.

Cycling Control
Elongation Measurement
Low Load Cylinder and Load Cell Assembly

Chant Engineering’s testing equipment meets or exceeds all AWRF safe practices and guidelines.

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited. ISO 376 is available for international customers in the EU upon request.

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