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Chant Designs, Manufactures and Installs Complete Turnkey Test Stands

Serving the Military, Aerospace, and Industrial Industries

Chant Engineering is a leader in Custom Designed Engineered Systems. For nearly 50 years, we have developed a vast collection of customized engineered systems and test stand products for our customers. We specialized in helping our customers develop unique systems designed for demanding testing environments to meet their testing needs worldwide.

We can create simple manual controlled or fully-automated PC/PLC controlled systems. Chant test stands include: specialized software, touch screen controls and can be configured in a multitude of ways to meet any customer specifications.  Chant’s engineering design team is highly trained and ready to take on your next test stand project.

A typical Test Stand project starts with a component that needs to be tested, as well as, the understanding the required testing standard or procedure. Chant Engineering’s in-house team of engineers will take this information and provide a no cost, detailed proposal for you. We know how critical testing and quality of your components are to your business. It is our mission to provide you with the best Test Stands at the most competitive prices possible.

We make the following types of test stands:
•  Automotive Test Stands
•  Aviation / Aerospace / Military Test Stands
•  Fuel Flow & Fuel Oil Test Stands
•  Hydraulic Test Stands
•  Hydrostatic Test Stands, Chambers & Bunkers
•  Pneumatic and Pneumatic Component Test Stands
•  Servo Valve Test Stands

For extremely large projects, Chant Engineering offers a reduced cost preliminary engineering review and estimate that allows you the customer, to get a detailed project plan with cost estimates and realistic schedules. This approach can identify Test Stand configurations upfront, reduce project time and often reduce overall project costs. Many worldwide leading manufacturing companies, automotive companies, aerospace companies and Military repair depots rely on Chant Engineering Test Stands for everyday production.

If you can imagine it, we can build it. Chant Engineering specializes in custom applications.

Machine Categories

Model 854301: F-15 Speed Calibration Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 854301 Speed Calibration Test Stand is designed and manufactured by Chant Engineering’s to verify the F-15 secondary power system governors and switches that are being dynamically calibrated.

In use, the operator mounts the switch to the mounting flange, selects the proper operating speed for the preset selector panel and starts the test.The switch is accelerated at a certain speed for a pre-programmed amount of time then decelerated at a specific rate and time. This procedure is cycled for the predetermined time frame per the Governments technical order.

During this test the switch is supposed to actuate within certain speed ranges. Pass-fail is displayed on the digital readout for each test. This test stand will test the F-15 two-speed switch assembly for the jet fuel starter, the Governor switch for the central gearbox and the Governor switch for the F-100 AMAD gearbox.


Complete Hydrostatic Test Stand System - Model 9727-A and 9727-B

Chant Engineering has combined our vertical (Model 9727-A) and horizontal  (Model 9727-B) hydrostatic test stands into one complete, turnkey hydrostatic test stand system.

Complete Hydrostatic Test Stand System

Model 836801: Fatigue Cycle and Static Shaft

The Chant Engineering Model 836801 Test Stand is used to dynamically and static test power take-off shafts for Aerospace and Military customers. One test dynamically fatigues the shaft and one test is for the static torque. The fatigue test stand rotates the two shafts simultaneously at 25,000 rpm for approximately 24 hours per test.

The high-speed rotating portion of the test stand is located in a protected test cell while the operators’ control station is located outside, for operator safety. After testing, the shaft is examined for cracking or damage.

The static test stand is used to tortionally test the shaft. In use, the operator mounts the shaft to the test stand sets the amount of torque and the pneumatic actuator rotates one end of the shaft while the other end is fixed. The torque is measured via an electronic torque cell and displayed on the digital readout.


Model 8420: Fuel Flow Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 8420 Fuel Flow Test Stand is used to dynamically test and certify aircraft in-flight refueling equipment.

The test stand consists of a 2000 gallon jet fuel tank along with the necessary valves, pumps, manifolds and operators controls. Note the full capacity drip pan around the entire structure, in the event of a tank or unit under test (UUT) failure the entire quantity of jet fuel is contained. In use the UUT’s are connected to the various flanges for testing. The operator is in an enclosed building separated from the Test Stand for safety. The operator’s controls are remote, in the operator facility. There is complete data acquisition; each test is stored in the computer and can be reviewed at any time or a certificate can be printed.


Model 10123-01 & 10123-02: Fuel Oil Test Stand

The Chant Engineering’s Model 10123-01 and 10123-02 Lube Oil Test Stands are used to manually test aircraft lube components with MIL-PRF-23699 fluid in accordance with the required specifications.

The Test Stand consists of a base and enclosure, sink, pumps and piping, 15 HP variable speed drive motor, instruments and fault panels, ventilation and air conditioning system, and support equipment.

Models 10123-01 and -02 Lube Oil Test Stand

Model 949001: Helicopter Cargo Hook Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 949001 Helicopter Cargo Hook Test Stand is a semi-automated machine designed to perform tension testing and electrical operation of helicopter cargo hooks in a production-based Military depot environment.

The Model 949001 is hydraulically controlled with a maximum loading force of 75,000 lbs.


Model 97371008: Hydraulic Pump Test Stand

Chant Engineering’s Hydraulic Pump Test Stands 97371008 are used to test pumps and motors and related hydraulic components. Chant Hydraulic Pump Test Stands allow the operator to test in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes. This gives you the flexibility to test your components in the configuration that best suits your requirements.

Model 9737 Hydraulic-Pump-Fish Oil Test Stand

Model 9730-02: M88A2 Hercules Advance Unit Test Stand

The Chant Model 9730-02 is an Advance Unit Test Stand for the M88A2 Hercules Armored Recovery Vehicle. It is used to test new and rebuilt advance units for the Hercules and 1790 engines. The advance units are part of the fuel injector pump on the engines.This test stand is designed for continuous production line testing of advance units.
M882 - Model 9730-02 Advance Unit Test Stand

Models 94300601 & 10356: Pneumatic & Pneumatic Component Test Stands

Chant Engineering’s Pneumatic Test Stands are used to test pneumatic components used in Military Aerospace applications. Chant Pneumatic Test Stands allow the operator to test in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes.

This gives you the flexibility to test your components in the configuration that best suits your requirements.


Model 9342-01: F-15K Servo Valve Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 9342-01 Servo Valve Test Stand is used to test 3 and 4-way electro-hydraulic servo and proportional valves. Chant Servo Valve Test Stands allow the operator to test in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes. This gives you the flexibility to test your components in the configuration that best suits your testing requirements.

Model 9342-Servo-Valve-Test-Stand

Model 840101: Hydraulic Servo Valve Torque Motor Test Stand

The Chant Engineering 840101 Torque Motor Test Stand is designed and manufactured to test the servo valve torque motor assemblies on aircraft servo valves.

The torque motor is a sub-assembly of the servo valve.


Models 965801, 9736909, 97371008 & 10228: Universal Hydraulic Test Stands

Chant Engineering now offers three Universal Hydraulic Test Stands used for testing relief valves, cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, selector valve assemblies and hoses.

The Chant Engineering Engineering Universal Hydraulic Test Stand comprises a Test Stand Console, Hydraulic Power Supply, Chiller Unit, Dynamometer Lubrication Unit, Motor Control Center, and Remote PLC.

Model 10228 Hydraulic Test Stand
9736909 Universal Automatic Hydraulic Test Stand
Model 9737 Hydraulic-Pump-Fish Oil Test Stand

Model 10891-01: 30,000 Psi Hydrostatic TS Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 10891-01, 30,000 Psi Hydrostatic Test Stand is used to test high-pressure valves and other products.This semi-automatic Test Stand includes a 48” wide operator Control Console with a Touch Screen display and a 24” Monitor & two ballistic enclosed test areas. One enclosure is for Water/Glycol testing of products & the other is for Hydraulic testing. Complete data acquisition of all testing is achieved with Chant DataTEST™ software.

10891 - 30000 psi Hydraulic Test Stand

Model 10311-01: 40K Clamping / 10,000 Psi Static Pressure Vertical Hydrostatic Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 10311-01 40K Hydrostatic Test Stand (Hydro Stand) & Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is pneumatically and hydraulically operated.  It consists of a hydraulic power unit (HPU), and a Hydrostatic Test Stand – Post Tube Weld.  The HPU provides the control and hydraulic pressure to operate the clamping rams at stations #1 and #2 of the Hydro Stand.  (2) independent high pressure water control systems regulate the water pressure it’s the associated test station.

The HPU includes the operator control panel, hydraulic motor and pump, and input power wiring.  Load testing is performed from the hydraulic power unit’s control console.

The (2) station Hydro Stand is composed of a compact water chiller, stainless steel water reservoir, (2) clamp rams, (2) air operated water intensifier pump, and (2) independent manual water control panels.

Model 10311 Vertical Hydrostatic Test Stand System

Model: 8931-01: F-16 Servo Valve Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 8931-01 F-16 Servo Valve Test Stand when connected to an external hydraulic power source (5,000 psi, 2 gpm) is used to test and record characteristics of three way and four-way electro-hydraulic servo valves.

The Test Stand comprises a console with a hydraulic test area.  The console includes all the hydraulic valves, gauges, electronic testing and monitoring equipment to assist in verification and testing of servo, unit under test (UUT).

Model: 8931-01 F-16 Servo Valve Test Stand

Model: 10358-01: Power Steering Pump Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 10358-01 Power Steering Pump Test Stand is designed to test a single Power Steering pump at any given time, with the capacity to accommodate different pump styles by the means of an interchangeable fixture plate arrangement.

The Test Stand Console includes an 36” long x 17” wide sink area, a 19” touch screen display, a control panel, 25 hp /10,000 rpm hydraulic pump motor, electrical test connections and an enclosed test sink area. Located along the front panel of the operator’s console are all the necessary controls and indicators to start the pump, and control pressures and flows. The touch screen displays RPM, Oil Temperature (OF) and Flow (GPM) Pressure (PSI) & Torque (IN-LBS) and other parameters.

The hydraulic power source consists of a 3-4 GPM, low pressure hydraulic pump driven by a small electric motor.  The oil Power Steering Fluid is supplied from the 10 Gallon Main Reservoir tank to the power steering reservoir located in the test sink area.  The reservoir, the pump, valves, filters, flow meter & heater are all contained in one common area within the enclosure and can be accessed from the various panel locations.

The power steering pumps undergoing test are driven by a 25 hp, 10,000 rpm high speed motor.  The motor is also equipped with a torque transducer to measure the torque required to drive the pump.  The high speed motor is equipped with a mount arrangement for mounting the power steering pumps undergoing test.

Model 10358-01 Power Steering Pump Test Stand

Model 9857-01: Hoist Test Stand

The Chant Model 9857-01 Hoist Test Stand is designed to perform hoist tests, accumulate test data, and provide documentation for tracking the history of the hoist being tested. The test stand is capable of operating a hoist while applying the required loads to the hoist and varying the input voltage level as specified in the DMWR. The electric DC motor of the MLRS/HIMARS system will be used to test both models of hoist.

A winch and variable frequency drive will provide tension control on the cable, ranging 150 lbs in speed maintenance mode to 830 and 1260 lbs +/- 30lbs in dynamic and static test modes. A variable voltage DC power supply will be used to power the hoist motor.

Model 9857-01 Hoist-Test-Stand

Model 10008: Diesel Engine Driven Portable Hydraulic Test Cart

The Chant Model 10008 Diesel Engine Driven Portable Hydraulic Test Cart is designed with a two-system hydraulic-pumping unit to check the operation & performance of aircraft hydraulic systems. It is a portable & self-contained unit, which provides functional testing on the aircraft.

This machine is hydraulically operated. It consists of dual hydraulic test systems, moveable trailer cart, diesel engine, heat exchangers, top metal enclosure with removable doors, battery box with two batteries, fuel tank, operator control panels and a hand operated parking brake.

Separate control panels are provided for each hydraulic system. These panels are identical in appearance with the same gauges, valves and meters.

Model 10008 Mobile Diesel Test Stand

Model MS-S-00015: Oil Transfer System (OTS) for M777 and M198 155MM Towed Howitzer (Fill & Bleed Unit)

The Chant Model MS-S-00015 Oil Transfer System (OTS) is designed to facilitate maintenance and repairs on the M777A2, 155 MM and M198 Medium Towed Howitzers.

The Oil Transfer System is equipped with Stainless Steel Quick Connect/Disconnect fittings, and accessories sufficient to permit the following operations:

  • Discharging Gun to Reservoir
  • Discharging Gun to Waste
  • Charging a Gun
  • Filling Reservoir from a Drum
  • Emptying the Reservoir to a Drum
  • Emptying the Reservoir to Waste
Model: MS-S-00015 - Oil Transfer System (OTS) for M777 and M198 155MM Towed Howitzer (Fill & Bleed Unit)
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