Fuel Oil Test Stand

Manually Test Aircraft Lube Components with one of Chant’s Lube Oil Test Stand

Models : 10123-01 / 10123-02 Fuel Oil Test Stand

The Chant Engineering’s Model 10123-01 and 10123-02 Lube Oil Test Stands are used to manually test aircraft lube components with MIL-PRF-23699 fluid in accordance with the required specifications.

The Test Stand consists of a base and enclosure, sink, pumps and piping, 15 HP variable speed drive motor, instruments and fault panels, ventilation and air conditioning system, and support equipment.

The hydraulic power supply consists of a 40 GPM, 600 psi hydraulic pump driven by a 20 HP electric motor. The oil is supplied from the 250 gallon Main Reservoir tank for Model 10123-01. A 190-gallon reservoir is used in Model 10123-02. The reservoir, pump, valves, filters, flow meter and heat exchanger are all contained in one common area within the enclosure and can be accessed from the various access doors.

Test ports are all located within the enclosed sink area and are used to connect the hydraulic and pressure systems which are used to test the integrity and functionality of the Unit Under Test (UUT). Pressure transducers for all test ports are mounted on a common manifold inside the test console. The sink area has polycarbonate bi-fold doors, each with a lock-out sensor to indicate when the door is closed for operator safety. The test stands require ventilation for exhaust of internal cabinet heat and hydraulic oil odors. The ventilation system consists of a roof mount exhaust fan, ducting and adjustable dampers that connect to the test stands.

Model 10123-01 / 10123-02 Fuel Oil Test Stand Specifications:

Dimensions:  116″ W x 93″ H x 92″ DP
Weight:  8,000 lbs
Electrical:  480 VAC, 3 PH, 60Hz, 105 FLA, SCCR 5KA
Shop Air:  60 psig, minimum flow 5 scfm
Cooling Water:  20 gpm, 30 psig, 50 deg. F required
Pressure Dynamic:  75-600 Psig
Flow:  40 GPM
Hydraulic Fluid:  MIL-PRF-23699.
Reservoirs:  250 Gallons (Model 10123-01)
190 Gallons (Model 10123-02)
High-Pressure Pump:  Piston type – 75-600 psig
Heat Exchanger:  Water cooled system – 250,000 BTU heat removal per hour.
Waste Tank:  Central 120 Gallon Tank for hydraulic waste fluid with double wall containment

Models 10123-01 and -02 Lube Oil Test Stand
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