M88A2 Hercules Advance Unit Test Stand

Manually Test Aircraft Lube Components with one of Chant’s Lube Oil Test Stand

Model : 9730-02 Advance Unit Test Stand

The Chant Model 9730-02 is an Advance Unit Test Stand for the M88A2 Hercules Armored Recovery Vehicle. It is used to test new and rebuilt advance units for the Hercules and 1790 engines. The advance units are part of the fuel injector pump on the engines. This test stand is designed for continuous production line testing of advance units.

It has the ability to be operated in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes. The test stand includes a computer and printer to perform data collection and print out the test results. The test stand has digital displays for rpm, degrees of advance, oil temperature and pressure.

The heat status is important for testing; the Test Stand has an indicator to show that the heat is on and an indicator to show that the temperature is high enough to proceed with a test. The operational and data acquisition software is programmed to perform the specified test sequences. Programming for these operations was developed by Chant Engineering using National Instruments LabVIEW software.

Model 9730-02 Advance Unit Test Stand Specifications:

Maximum Gearbox RPM:  300 – 3000
Motor:  15HP
Electrical:  230VAC, 3 PH 88A
Maximum Oil Temp:  200°F
Reservoir Capacity:  20 ga

M882 - Model 9730-02 Advance Unit Test Stand
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