MS-S-00015 Oil Transfer System (OTS)

MS-S-00015 Oil Transfer System (OTS)

Fill and Bleed Unit for the M777 and M198 155MM Towed Howitzer

The Chant Model MS-S-00015 Oil Transfer System (OTS) is designed to facilitate maintenance and repairs on the M777A2, 155 MM and M198 Medium Towed Howitzers.

The Oil Transfer System is equipped with Stainless Steel Quick Connect/Disconnect fittings, and accessories sufficient to permit the following operations:

  • Discharging Gun to Reservoir
  • Discharging Gun to Waste
  • Charging a Gun
  • Filling Reservoir from a Drum
  • Emptying the Reservoir to a Drum
  • Emptying the Reservoir to Waste

The Oil Transfer System has a three-micron filter. Any time the electric motor is running, and any time the hand pump is used, oil is passing through the filter. Thus the unit filters its own oil whenever it is running, whether it is being used or is just idling.

When filling a gun, all oil going to the gun is filtered, when either the electric motor pump or the hand pump is used. When discharging a gun to the reservoir of the Oil Transfer System, all oil returning from the gun to the reservoir is filtered. In addition, the oil is filtered when the reservoir is filled by means of the pump from a barrel, drum, or other container.

The Oil Transfer System is designed to operate using 110-120 vac, 60 Hz electrical power and also 220-240 vac, 50 Hz electrical power. With the exception of changing the electrical plug on the end of the power cord, no action on the part of the operator is required when changing from one form of power to the other. The Oil Transfer Unit will automatically sense the electrical power and will operate properly on either form of electrical power.

Model: MS-S-00015 - Oil Transfer System (OTS) Specifications

Powered flow rate: 0.6 gpm nominal flow at no load (on 60 Hz power)
Hand pumped flow: 0.7 cubic inches per cycle
Rated pressure capability: 2500 psi
Overpressure protection: Relief Valve set to 2500 psi
Ports: Quick disconnect male to mate with Hansen ML2-K16, Parker 60 Series, ISO 7241-1 Series B, ISO 7241 Series B
Pump: Gear type, 3000 psi rated, 0.6 gpm nominal at 1800 rpm (60 Hz)
Directional Valve: Spool type, 3 position, detented
Relief Valve: Cartridge type, 3000 psi rated
Filter: 3 micron, 3000 psi with differential pressure indicator
Flow Meter: Positive displacement, oval gear type with LCD display
Electric motor: 1 hp, 1725 rpm, 115 vac, 60 Hz, single phase, 1.15 service factor
1 hp 1425 rpm, 220 vac, 50 Hz, single phase 1.0 service factor
Electrical Requirements: 115 vac, 60 Hz, single phase, 15 amps (or) 220 vac, 50 Hz, single phase, 8 amps
Reservoir Capacity: 12 gallons gross/ 8 gallons net
System Dry Weight: 145 lbs

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