Rotating and Servo-Linear Component Test Stations

Custom Designed Test Stations for Component Testing

Model: 30387 - Complete Testing System - Rotating Component Test Station, Linear Servo Component Test Station and Hydraulic Power Unit

An international customer in Asia contracted with Chant Engineering Co. Inc. to build a multifaceted testing system which included multiple test stations. Chant Model 30387 includes a Linear Component Test Station, Rotating Component Test Station, Pump Control and Distribution Manifold and a custom Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).  Chant Model 30387 tests a multitude of aircraft hydraulic components (e.g. hydraulic servo actuators, manifolds, accumulators, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and integrated hydraulic power units.

This complex, multi-unit project was successfully delivered in December 2017 to our Asian customer complete with custom software.  Chant’s slogan, “If You Can Imagine It…We Can Build It”, definitely rings true on this one-of-a-kind, unique project.

This project consisted of many components, a Linear Component Test Station, Rotating Component Test Station, Pump Control and Distribution Manifold, a custom HPU and operator station, Kidney loop and Pilot Pump with filters, an Accumulator, Oil-Water Heat Exchanger, and a series of Sensors and Transducers to perform various tasks. Custom programming software was designed by our lead software engineer to allow the operator to program each test using easy-to-use touch screen controls.

The system consists of two test stations for rotary components and servo/linear actuator components, as follows:

Rotary Component Test Station

  • 200 HP variable speed drive with drive/breaking mode operation
  • Up to 6,000 PSI supply & 5,000 PSI return pressure control
  • 1 to 90 gpm variable flow control
  • Up to 200 PSI and 20 gpm dedicated supercharge/boost oil supply source at 275° F (with automatic temperature control)

Servo/Linear Component Test Station

  • Dual supply ports with 6,000 PSI and independent pressure control with cycling capacity
  • Dual return ports with 3,000 PSI pressure control
  • N2 with 6,000 PSI integrated booster & automatic pressure control
  • 10,000 PSI proof pressure port with automatic pressure control
  • Dedicated low pressure, low flow ports with cycling capacity and independent pressure control
  • Servo power (2 channels) & LVDT (up to 5 channels) drivers
  • Frequency response, hysteresis, cyclic testing and graphing

The HPU has a stand-alone electrical panel located on the frame with hydraulic system and consists of following major components:

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Two sets of 150 HP electric motors with variable volume pressure compensated pumps with electronic pressure, flow and horsepower control.
  • 10 HP electric motor with kidney loop pump and pilot oil pump mounted in tandem configuration.
  • 200 gallon, stainless steel reservoir with oil temperature measurement and over temperature protection.
  • Drip pan with level switch to provide warning of a leak.
  • 3 micron high efficiency particulate removal and water removal filters in kidney loop.
  • Oil to water heat exchanger.
  • Standalone electrical panel with touch screen for local operation and diagnostic.


  • User configurable, recipe driven test sequencer
  • Programmable test sequence for automatic and semi-automatic operation
  • User configurable graphing with math functions for calculation and analysis
  • Access to all control devices and machine parameters through manual mode for efficient troubleshooting

There is an electrical enclosure situated to the right of the test console, which is a two door enclosure that houses the PLC, motor power components, electronic controllers for pumps and terminal strips.

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