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The Chant Model 9600 Hydrostatic Test Station

The Chant Engineering Model 9600 Hydrostatic Test Station is a dual test station machine.

The user inserts the parts to be tested; the machine clamps the units in place and then brings the pressure up to the desired test pressure and holds it for the set time. Complete test data acquisition is available for all Chant Hydrostatic Test Systems.

9600 Hydrostatic Test Station Specifications:

Maximum Compressive Force: 50,000 lbs
Static Pressure: 10,000 psi
Electrical Power: 208VAC, 1 PH 1 5A

Hydrostatic Test Machine

The Chant Model 9600B Mobile Test Cart

The Chant Model 9600B is a mobile test cart with a shelf at the rear on which two test specimens can be installed end-to-end.

It has an air-operated water pump with manual adjustment of an air pressure regulator to provide up to 10,000 psi of water pressure. Pressure gauges, with calibration ports, for air and water are mounted on the control panel, together with manual shutoff valves for water and air, a fill valve with sight glass to show that the flow meter is filled, and a test pressure release valve.

The lower section of the assembly has a water tank. A convenient fill port is provided for the addition of make up water whenever needed. The pump fills at approximately ½ gallon per minute and can pressurize up to 10,000 psi.

9600B Mobile Test Cart Specifications:

Static Pressure: 10,000 psi
Max. Operation Temperature: Temp 140° F
Electrical Power: 208VAC, 1 PH 1 5A
Incoming Air Pressure: 85 psi

Hydrostatic Test Machine

The Chant Model 9000C Pneumatic Test Station

The Chant Model 9000C is a Pneumatic Test Station. This machine is air and water operated; it consists of a pneumatic test station and a ballistic water tank.

The pneumatic station comprises a steel reinforced enclosure. The interior is lined with stainless steel to form a tank suitable for holding water to approximately 4 ft depth with polycarbonate windows on all four sides to allow viewing a
specimen under test when immersed in the water. The top of the enclosure is partially covered, with an opening to allow use of a hoist to install or remove large test specimens.

An air operated gas pump provides testing pressures up to 6,600 psi, adjustable by means of a low-pressure regulator in the air supply to the pump. A safety pressure relief valve prevents the possibility of exceeding the maximum test pressure. A fitting is provided at the pump to allow the optional use of nitrogen as the pressurized gas. Quick disconnect fittings are provided to be used for customer connections. Gauge calibration ports are also provided.

9000C Pneumatic Test Station Specifications:

Static Gas Pressure: 6,600 psi
Max. Operation Temperature: Temp 100° F
Electrical Power: 208VAC, 1 PH 1 5A
Incoming Air Pressure: 85 psi

Hydrostatic Test Machine

The Chant Model 9727 10,000 psi Hydrostatic Test Stand

The Chant Engineering Model 9727 is a 10,000 psi Hydrostatic Test Stand, used to test large test specimens. This machine is hydraulically operated with 300,000 lbs. of specimen clamping force. It consists of a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), a Hydrostatic Test Station, a Horizontal Stand and a Hydrostatic Water Console.

The HPU includes the operator control panel, hydraulic motor and pump, and input power wiring. Load testing is performed from the hydraulic power unit’s control console and the Hydrostatic Water Console.

In use, the operator loads the test specimen and fills the unit with pressurized water. The stand then tilts to remove any trapped air and the test specimen is pressurized to the desired pressure/time. At the end of the test the unit is drained and removed. Complete test performance is stored and recorded via Chant Datatest data acquisition software.

9727 Hydrostatic Test Stand Specifications:

Static Gas Pressure: 10,000 psi
Max. Operation Temperature: Temp 140° F
Electrical Power: 480VAC, 3 PH 1 5A
Incoming Air Pressure: 85 psi
Max. Clamping Force: 300,000 lbs
Water Pressure: 10,000 psi

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