Tire Testing

Test Speed, Force, Slip, Camber and Tire Pressure on Two Tires Simultaneously

The Chant Model 8277 Tire Testing Machine is a dual station fatigue rated testing machine for long term tire testing. Two tires can be tested simultaneously with this machine. The operator can control the speed, force, slip, and camber and tire pressure either manually or automatically.

The Model 8178 Tire Test Machine consists of two independent, servo hydraulic tire stations sharing a common road wheel. Control of the machine is via a high-speed computer system with full testing control and complete data acquisition. All test parameters including tire temperature are continuously monitored and stored. The operator can program set testing recipes for long term testing to failure.

Model 8277 Tire Testing Machine Specifications:

Speed: 15-100 mph
Slip: +/- 3 degrees
Camber: +/- 3 degrees
Radial Force: 1,000 -30,000 lbs
Tire Pressure: 0 – 150 psi
Road Wheel Power: 200 hp
Electrical Power: 480 VAC, 3 PH
Incoming Air Pressure: 85 psi

Tire Testing Machine
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