Wave Generation Simulators

Need A Wavemaker To Simulate The Long-Term Effects of Waves?

This Chant Engineering Model 851201 computer controlled servo-hydraulic wave-making machine (wavemaker). Used in research laboratories these wave makers are
used to simulate the effects of waves on shorelines, oil rigs, ships or anything else affected by waves.

All wave profiles are selectable on the computer and complete data acquisition is maintained throughout the test. The system consists of a vertical wave board driven by a hydraulic servo cylinder mounted on a structural frame. The frame straddles a wave tank with the wave board immersed in water. The Chant Engineering computer software controls the wave board motion and is pre-programmed with standard “random” waveforms into which local parameters can be loaded. From the computer, the operator enters the test data, type of wave, duration of the test, the number of cycles etc. Actual wave board motion is measured and shown “live” on-screen in the form of a chart, utilizing Wavemetrics “Igor” software. The motion data can be saved for later analysis if required.

Chant Engineering designed and built the equipment, performed the acceptance testing with the customer, packaged and shipped the equipment to Asia and installed, started up and trained the users o -site. This job was completed on schedule and certainly, speaks volumes as to Chant’s ability to manage Wavemaker construction and installation; especially when it’s on the other side of the world. Complete documentation, operational/maintenance manuals were provided with the equipment. This machine has been running successfully with no problems at all since installation.

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