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Chant Engineering is the North American distributor for TALURIT™ AB Sweden

Chant Engineering is the North American Distributor for TALURIT™ AB Sweden’s products. TALURIT is privately owned manufacturer from Gotehnburg, Sweden established in 1948. It was built-up on a patented solution for mechanical splicing of wire ropes. TALURIT has been the pioneering company in this special field, developing effective methods and equipment for mechanical splicing ever since.

TALURIT owns trademarks like ULTRAGRIP, KONIT, HEXLOC and TALUGRIP in most countries around the world. Other known brands are TALUKON and T-LOC.


Our partner, TALURIT™, has more than 65 years of experience from manufacturing powerful swagers in the wire rope splicing industry. The swagers range in capacity from 7 ton up to 4200 ton, making it possible to swage aluminum ferrules for nominal wire rope up to 160 mm (6 1/4”) diameter and 6” flemish eye sleeves.

The machines are designed to achieve safe and efficient mechanical splicing of steel wire ropes with many types of end fittings. The company uses the very latest techniques in engineering to ensure our manufacturing processes are to the highest quality standard while maintaining cost effectiveness as well as highest possible safety level. Key components are fully traceable with batch number to material certificates and quality inspections. All our swagers are manufactured in our workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Small Swagers:

• P 0130T 1P
• P 0130T 1S
• P 0020T 1P
• P 0040T 1P

Medium Swagers:

• P 0300T 2S
• P 0500T 2S
• P 0600T 1S
• P 0600T 2S
• P 1000T 2S

Large Swagers:

• P 2000T 2S
• P 4200T 2S

Annealing Machines

Our partner, TALURIT™, offers wire rope annealing machines that twists the wire rope off by annealing. Current is applied to heat the wire when the rope is clamped. When the rope is red hot; it is then twisted. After twisting, the rope is slightly rounded and the wires will not unwind. Please compare the annealed and the square cut ends below

By increasing the distance between the clamping chucks the wire end becomes more pointed, e.g. ideal for excavating machines etc.

Manual and automatic annealing machines are available as well as chain cutters.


• AV 30
• AV 45
• LGK 02
• AV 65


• LKA 05 Annealing
• 10 SM
• 10 SM-PLC

Wire Rope Cutting Machines

Our partner, TALURIT™, has developed a broad range of wire rope cutting machines over the years. These include basic hand cutters, manually operated hydraulic shears, fuse and tapering machines, and many different fully automatic cutting machines.

The automatic cutting machines are very efficient and proven to have short pay back time. The machines are manufactured with safety and environmental concerns in mind.

These machines are mainly intended for cutting preformed wire rope. The square cut is achieved by shears or disc cutting. Talurit offers a wide range of manual and automatic machines to choose from.

The ideal machine can be chosen depending on the amount of cutting required and the wire rope diameter range.


• LK 26
• LK 40


• LKA 28-UL12
• LKA 06
• LKA 28-PS

Swaging Dies and Accessories

We offer swaging dies manufactured from Swedish high-quality steel. We also have additional accessories for all of your swaging needs.

Ferrules, sleeves, and sockets require individual press dies depending on material and dimension. TALURIT manufactures standard & special dies to cater all possible swaging demands. Dies are fabricated in different block sizes to fit our various swagers. The smallest swager use block size A and the largest swager use L. The dies are mounted in the die holder of the swager.

Smaller block sizes than standard can be fitted to the swager by using insert die holders. These compensate the gap between the smaller dies’ size & original one.

Our dies are manufactured from high-quality steel for optimum strength and service life. In addition to our comprehensive standard range, we are also able to supply special dies to customer specification.

For additional specifications, sizes and application, please click on the document link below.


Besides the universal type Conical Press Dies, TALURIT manufactures dies with special locator pins, Cylindrical Press Dies, Dies for several stage processes, combined dies and dies for STC Sleeves, Steel Ferrules, Terminals and more

Die Holders

All die holders are bolted onto the swagers. The placement, (square or angular), type of locking & if they are made for centric or eccentric load varies with the different swagers and swaging procedures. Die Holder options include Angular Setting (This is the most common setting for medium sized swagers); Options for Locking of Dies based on size / type of swager
To protect the swager from abnormal wear, a die holder with pillar guides is recommended.

Insert Die Holders

An Insert Die Holder allows for smaller dies to be used.

Swaging Dies:

• Dies for Aluminum and Copper Turnback Ferrules
– Cylindrical Several Stage Press Dies
– Cylindrical Press Dies
– Conical Press Dies
– Conical Press Dies with Tap
– Combined Dies
– Syncrimp Dies
• Dies for Carbon and Stainless Steel Ferrules, Sleeves and Fittings
– Turnback Ferrule Dies
– Flemish Eye Dies
– Dies for Terminals
– Special/Custom Made Dies
• Dies for GERRO™ COMBI system


• Die Rack, DR-2000
• Insert Die Holders
• Lifting Table, LT-1000
• Digital Caliper
• Splicing Grease

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