Factory Tour to introduce new Face Mask Sanitizing Unit

In response to the PPE shortage and COVID-19 pandemic, our engineering and design team has developed an innovative new product to help combat the PPE shortage. The 5 minute sanitizing unit, will extend the life of your face masks safely and effectively while offering your workers the peace of mind that they are protected while working on the front lines. This works on N95, medical and homemade masks as well.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick will be here at Chant Engineering on Tuesday, June 9th at 9:00am for a factory tour of our New Britain, PA facility and to see our new portable sanitizing unit.

Today, nothing is more important than keeping the workforce safe, especially with the shortage of PPE.

This automatic UV Light Mask Sanitizer works on any type of mask, in only 5 minutes. Perfect for the break room, ensuring employee masks are sanitized.

· Extend the life of your face masks up to 10 times.
· LED UVC technology safely and effectively sanitizes your existing face masks.
· A built-in timer cleans (2) masks at a time in only 5 minutes.
· Can be used by anyone in a variety of industries (hospitals, nursing homes, retail stores, corporations, military installations, etc.)

The 5 minute sanitizer was designed, prototyped and manufactured in house. It has been tested by an independent 3rd party medical facility to ensure performance met hospital standards.