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Chant offers a wide range of testing products and is the largest test bed manufacturer in the world.

Our proof test machines are used to tension test wire rope, fiber rope, chain, lifting slings and other types of lifting gear. Chant test beds are extremely heavy-duty, dependable and are field proven to withstand many years of rugged, real world industrial and military rigging testing. Chant manufactures or distributes every machine used in a rigging shop and more . . .


DATATEST™ Software
Government / Military Products
– Test Stands

Chant Engineering designs, manufactures and installs complete turnkey Test Stands and Systems for Military, Aerospace, and Industrial customers, such as:

– Test Cells and Testing Facilities

Chant Engineering has years of experience building and upgrading complete turnkey test cells and testing facilities for Military maintenance depots and industrial customers.

Below are a few more Military Components manufactured by Chant:
– Military Components:
Below are samples of civil works projects designed and manufactured by Chant:
Hydrostatic Test Systems and Bunkers
Load Cells, Load Links, Shear Pins, & Monitoring Equipment
Wire Rope and Rigging Products
– Proof Test Machines

Chant Engineering offers a wide range of Test Beds and Machinery, including:

– Reeling Machines

Reeling Machines in both Take-up and Pay-Out.

We also offer many optional items and accessories such as:

– Swaging, Annealing, Cutting Wire Rope Products

Chant is the North American Distributor for TALURIT™ products. We offer the full TALURIT™ product line, which includes:

– Wire Rope Fittings

Chant is the North American Distributor for TALURIT™ and Friedrich Höeppe GmbH.

We offer all of TALURIT™ and Friedrich Höeppe wire rope fitting products, such as:

– Wire Rope Grips

Chant offers the following wire rope grips styles:

– Load Cells, Load Link, Shear Pins and Monitoring Systems

Chant is the North American Distributor for Dynamic Load Monitoring UK (DLM). We offer all DLM products, such as:

Proof Test Machines / Test Beds
Reeling Machines
Swagers, Swaging Dies, Annealing and Cutting Machines
Test Beds Upgrades and Options
Testing Machinery
Test Stands
Touch Screen Controls
Wire Rope and Rigging
Wire Rope Fittings
Wire Rope Grips
SF25 Manual Flushing Valves & Valve Sub-Plates and Adapters
Chant is ISO Certified

Chant Engineering is your trusted partner for testing machinery in the wire rope and rigging industry. Chant is PJLA Accredited and ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100:2009 Certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited.

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Chant Product Brochure

Horizontal Proof Test Machine

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