• Manufacturer of Quality Testing Products Since 1970.

    Engineering Excellence

  • We Manufacture Heavy-Duty Test Beds

    Quality Horizontal, Vertical, Mobile, Break Test, Pre-Stretch Machines.

  • We Proudly Serve the Government & Military

    Test Stands for Aviation, Automotive, Military Components, Fuel Flow and more...

  • Your Trusted Partner

    For Wire Rope Cutting, Swaging, Testing, Reeling and Calibration.
  • Machinery for the Wire Rope and Rigging Industries.

    Everything Your Business Needs

  • To Ensure Your Testing Machinery is at Top Performance.

    Trusted Calibration & Service Techs

We've got all the steps covered in our easy, seamless process

The Process




If you can imagine it...we can build it!




We have a team of professional engineers ready to assist you.




High-quality machinery manufactured in the U.S.A.




We deliver on-time and within budget.




Our highly skilled staff can quickly train your staff, anytime, anywhere.




Whenever you need it, we are here for you 24/7.

Products & Services

If You Can Imagine It...We Can Build It

Chant Engineering has a wide-range of products. Below are a few of our key product lines. We have a variety of standard sizes and capacities in each product segment. We can also custom design and build any machine to your projects specifications. We have a team of full-time engineers on staff to assist you with your needs.

Since 1970, Chant Engineering, a global engineering company has designed, manufactured, and serviced testing machines, testing systems, and other related accessories worldwide. We proudly serve both industrial and military customers.

Meeting & Exceeding Expectations

Means complete confidence that your project and the engineering challenges associated with it are solved correctly the first time.

At Chant Engineering, we strive for "Engineering Excellence" in everything we do.

Chant Engineering’s innovative machines are used to test in tension, compression, fatigue, and torsion. We also manufacture a complete line of aircraft and component hydraulic test stands for testing pressures, flows, temperature, cleanliness, etc.

We manufacture aerospace and military components as well as civil works hydraulic equipment and controls. We provide complete worldwide turnkey projects from conception through completion with on-site installation, start-up, training and documentation. We have a team of technicians that travel the world performing calibrations and providing maintenance and service for our customers.

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