Pre-Owned & Demo Equipment

Great Deals on Used Equipment

Chant has new Talurit Equipment in-stock and ready to ship. We also have used equipment at great prices. We can refurbish any unit as necessary and to any specification to make it like brand new. Call us at 215-230-4260 as these deals won’t last. It’s first-come first-serve on any used items, and they tend to sell out fast.

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Preowned / used equipment

15K Rim Drive - Reeling Machine

15,000 lb. Rim Drive

  • Take-Up & Pay-Out Reeling Machine (12’-6” x 8’-0” footprint)
  • Comes with additional payout Roller (3’-0” x 4’-6” footprint)
  • Collapsible coiler mounted on side
  • Machine weighs 4,000 lbs.


50K Single Beam Proof Test Machine

50K Single Beam Proof Test Machine

  • 3HP HPU
  • 8 ft. cylinder stroke
  • 39 ft. long
  • Manual Guards
  • 40” waist high
  • KEP touchscreen with Chant DataTEST™ software
  • Computer & printer included


35K Bridal Mount Grip

35K Bridle Mount Lucker Grip

3/8” wedge


Demo 225K Vertical Proof Test Bed

100 Feet of Steel Framing

  • Last four sections of pre-owned 1.3 mil test bed – can be made into a new machine
  • Comes with guards
  • Needs Cylinder and hydraulic components for guards
  • Cost less than half of a new test bed
Used 600K Roberts Wire Rope Grip

Refurbished Lucker Grips

  • Manual Operated
  • Front Face Mount
  • 400,000 capacity – 2-1/2” ∅ max wedge
    • 9 liners ¼” increments ¼” – 2-1/4”
  • 500,000 capacity – 3-1/4” ∅ max wedge
    • 10 liners in ¼” increments 3/4” – 3”
  • Hydraulic Operated Available at additional cost
Flemish Eye Swaging Dies

Talurit – 20 HP HPU

Comes with digital indicator & Chant DataTEST™ software


Used Dies

Used Dies

  • Dies have been measured and are in spec.
  • Various Sizes – Call for more information


All used equipment sales are final.
All technical specifications are subject to change.