saddleback-in-useA South Korean Cable Laying company visited Dynamic Load Monitoring’s (DLM) Head Office in Southampton last month for product training on DLM’s unique cable working equipment soon to be used on an up and coming PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel Run) project.

PLGR is an operation undertaken prior to laying cable and is used to clear the route, by the use of various Grapnels (also supplied by DLM) being deployed along the seabed trailing behind a vessel.

The Saddleback Monitor, designed and manufactured by DLM, is used to measure line tension on Winch rope during PLGR operations and can also be used for delicate fibre optic cable during laying.

The South Korean company flew over to receive training on the saddleback monitor last month, where DLM’s technical engineers were able to give demonstrations of the products functionality, calibration and maintenance procedures. The Saddleback is due to be used in up and coming operations in the Philippines and the Pacific Ocean, along with other projects going forward.

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