In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial testing and measurement, Chant Engineering, a renowned provider of innovative testing machines and solutions, continues to improve the way wire rope is tested. Their mobile test bed offers a cost-effective solution for industries that require on-site tension testing, eliminating the need for transporting lifting gear to external testing facilities. This article examines the cost effectiveness of Chant’s mobile test bed and its implications for specific testing applications.


The Costly Challenge of Off-Site Testing

Traditionally, industries requiring specialized testing, such as aerospace, automotive, lifting and rigging, and heavy machinery, have faced the challenge of transporting components to testing facilities. This process involves significant logistics, transportation costs, and time-consuming coordination. Moreover, the risk of loss of control and component damage during transit is always present. These factors collectively contribute to increased costs and potential delays in the testing process.


Introducing Chant’s Mobile Test Bed

Recognizing the need for a more cost-effective solution, Chant developed a line of mobile test beds that bring testing capabilities directly to the client’s site. This portable and versatile platform allows for efficient and accurate testing of various lifting and rigging components and systems in their intended operational environment.


Cost Effectiveness Unveiled

Chant’s mobile test bed offers several key cost-saving benefits for businesses. First, it eliminates the expenses associated with transporting components to external testing facilities, reducing logistical complexities and costs significantly. By conducting tests on-site, businesses can streamline their operations, minimize downtime, and increase overall efficiency.

Second, this is a value-added service. The mobile test bed allows for real-time testing and analysis, providing immediate feedback and results. This agility helps businesses to make faster decisions, identify and address issues promptly, and reduce costly delays in production and deployment. This value-added service allows the operator to charge a premium service fee that the customer is happy to pay as they benefit as previously explained.

Additionally, Chant’s mobile test bed offers flexibility in scheduling tests, giving customers greater control over their timelines. This flexibility can be particularly advantageous when facing tight project deadlines or when modifications and adjustments need to be made quickly.

Mobile Test Bed

End user loading machine.


wire rope grip

Chant 700,000 lb. hydraulic wire rope grip.

Applications and Industries Benefitting

The mobile test bed created by Chant is cost effective and ideal for specific applications and industries. For example, in the aerospace sector where large and complex components are involved, on-site testing eliminates the need to transport aircraft component lifting equipment, reducing the risk of damage, and saving substantial time as well as transportation costs.

Similarly, the automotive industry can benefit from on-site testing of production rigging equipment, allowing manufacturers to assess performance, durability, and safety parameters in real-world conditions. This approach enhances overall cost efficiency by optimizing production processes and minimizing the need for downtime to recertify their rigging gear.

Moreover, industries dealing with heavy machinery, such as construction or mining, can take advantage of the mobile test bed to conduct comprehensive on-site testing of critical components, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing costly shipping of larger and heavy rigging equipment.


Cost Effectiveness of Using a Mobile Test Bed

Tower & Communications Services, Inc. saw a need in one aspect of the tower maintenance industry, (guy wire re-socketing), where a Chant mobile test bed could save time and money. In this specific example, Precision Communications had a project in North Carolina where poured socket ends on guy wires needed to be removed, reaffixed, and tested. There are normally three options when working with re-socketing. One is to perform the re-socket and testing work in the field, one is to put up new shorter guy wires, and the last is to install temporary guy wires and ship the old wires back to the factory to be re-socketed and tested, then shipped back to the site. The guy wires at this site in North Carolina were 2-5/16” diameter, which are expensive and very heavy per foot. Precision Communications and Tower Communication Services, Inc. both worked with a consulting engineer – Greg Burbage of Elevated Structural Consultants. Mr. Burbage informed Precision that Tower & Communication Services, Inc. had a Chant mobile test bed that would make it more cost effective and efficient to do their guy wire testing in the field. The re-socketing was done by Precision Communications and Tower & Communication Services, Inc. tested the guy wire to 341,000 pounds. All the testing went well, and the guy wires never left the tower, all completed with much less time and cost than anticipated.

Finished Socket

Wire broomed ready to socket.

Specimen being tested.




Chant Engineering’s mobile test bed presents a cost-effective alternative to off-site testing empowering industries to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. By eliminating transportation costs, reducing downtime, and offering real-time analysis, this innovative solution revolutionizes testing processes in specific applications. As businesses strive for increased cost effectiveness and operational excellence, Chant’s mobile test beds are a game-changing solution in the world of on-site rigging, testing, and recertification.

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on-site testing

Setting up wire rope test.




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